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Royalty Rotors

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Royalty Rotors, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Performance Slotted and Cross Drilled Rotors in the United States, is changing the way consumers look at their automotive braking needs. Royalty Rotors is providing an alternative to expensive Performance Rotors, and broadening the Performance Rotor market to reach a much larger audience.

Until recently, the Performance Rotor market addressed the needs of a small, niche segment of the overall rotor industry. However, over the last few years the industry has witnessed an explosion of consumer interest for rotors that perform better and are attractive and appealing.

Through its Multi-Channel Approach, including its leading website and comprehensive product catalog, Royalty Rotors offers retail consumers and professional installers a high quality Performance Rotor line that fills the huge gap between Plain Rotors and expensive Performance Rotors.

Our flagship product line is our Performance Slotted and Cross-Drilled Rotors. This line meets or exceeds all OE vehicle application specifications. They install easily, replacing OE rotors without anymodifications. The cross-drilled, chamfered design degasses brake pads and decreases rotor heat, making the braking system more effective. The slot designs are carefully milled to deglaze brake pads, reduce fade and minimize brake dust within the braking system. Our Custom Silver Zinc Plating Formula helps prevent rusting and enhances the appearance of any vehicle. All rotor castings are G3000 or better. All manufacturing operations are ISO and/or TUV certified.

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