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FJO Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1992 by our president, Fred Oberbuchner, and is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

As a Professional Engineer with over 15 years experience in designing electronic systems for aerospace and military applications, Fred originally focused the company on developing products for use in defense markets around the world.

High-tech electronics were always at the core of our designs. As the company grew, along with our personal interests in the automotive scene, our focus began to turn to the performance industry. Our continued growth proves that there is an opportunity to deliver outstanding quality products performing a useful function for a fair price.

We believe that products designed for the automotive industry must be able to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in this environment while still being affordable. This means not only must a product be functional; it must also be able to withstand heat, cold, water, dirt and vibration.

From this, the FJO Racing Electronics brand was born. Our reputation is based on products that keep on working even under the harshest conditions.

“There are only two types of products in this business: FJO and not exactly!”

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