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Through humble beginnings in 1988, CROSS began tuning high performance Porsche for higher end clients in Tokyo, Japan. Through rigorous testing and development many of those street vehicles turned up in race tracks and major events. CROSS Euro Performance then began development for higher performance race cars that competed in such races as JGTC, All Japan Grand Touring Championship and also entered the BPR International GT Endurance Championship, competing in both series 3 years each. CROSS was able to accomplish many accolades in the Motorsports scene by breaking several records to let the racing world know that they were a force to be dealt with. Several notable records was breaking the record for top speed in a production based street car of 315 kilometer per hour and also having the record for ΒΌ mile time for speed and time in between the years of 1993 to 1996. CROSS also proved to be a dominant force against factory teams such as McLaren, Nissan, Ferrari, Toyota, and Mazda without any major factory backing. Through out many more years, CROSS quickly went up the ranks as they participated in the N-1 endurance races, Le Mans races, and many GT Series.

CROSS then began plans to make a North American headquarters, now known as JIC USA / CROSS North America. CROSS / JIC USA competed in several major races such as Daytona 24hour, Canada Challenge Cup, and Professional Sports Car Races. Those races were a proving ground for JIC Magic as they won both Canada Challenge cups that they entered in 1997.

Through many years of product usage on race cars, many of those applications began to make their way to street vehicles and many high performance products began to emerge. CROSS uses that experience and channels it to their racing products from the Top of the Line Competition Coilover Suspension System to the Ultra Lightweight Full Titanium Exhaust Systems. Quality can be seen throughout the products that CROSS produces through careful craftsmanship and welds. All products that are distributed through CROSS are proudly made in Japan with the strictest quality standards then each product is test fitted on US Spec European vehicle to insure proper fitment and longevity.

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