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Founders & Our Story


Our History:

Autoplicity was founded in 2003, and then reborn in 2011. In the early age of e-commerce, a group of enthusiasts strived to find a solution to their problem. They loved their car, but no one would support it; no products, no development, just the same old stuff. Before social media was popular, they scoured automotive web-boards looking for DIY's and if possibly manufactures would listen to them or a group. They realized that something had to be done and it had to have a good backing behind it. They put together a plan to achieve something new, something different in the automotive online world. They didn't want just a website with parts, but they wanted to have passionate people like them who knew the cars inside and out working with them. After that, the rest was history and Autoplicity was built with that core concept always in mind.

Business Philosophy:

Under promise and over deliver. A phrase that could not be more true in life and of our approach to business. With years of experience and being the enthusiast ourselves, we knew to make someone happy, you had to do three things right:

  • If you show them a product is available, make sure it really is.
  • We are human, we change our minds, we make mistakes so be compassionate and make returns easy.
  • And the last, make sure you know what your talking about, so if there are product questions, be honest and be knowledgeable.
With our core values in mind, we bring you what we believe is one of the best shopping experiences online. Anyone can write they are the best, not many can actually show it.