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Coupon Code and Promo Code List

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Autoplicity coupon codes are always updated so make sure to visit frequently for current and new promo codes, discounts, and sales.

Autoplicity Promo Code Usage and Rules

All of our promotion and discount codes are broken down into brands and categories. To take advantage of a current Autoplicity coupon code or promo code look to see which code fits best to the performance car parts or accessories that you will be buying for your car or truck and write it down.

When on the product page click Add To Cart(1) and you will be taken to a page where you can enter the Promo Code on the bottom left(2).



Autoplicity coupon codes might be universal or they might exclude or include select items. If you have any issues with using coupon codes or promo codes from our website please get in touch with the Autoplicity coupon help via phone or chat from the contact us page. You may use the Autoplicity coupon code as often as you like but you may not combine the promo codes together, meaning only one Autoplicity coupon code may be used per checkout. Sharing of Autoplicity coupon codes is strongly encouraged and is best done via Facebook, Twitter, or E-Mail! 

Autoplicity Coupon Code List

Here are the coupon codes that are currently active to be used on our website. As mentioned above, make sure you click and copy the coupon code exactly as you see it and make sure it is the right promo code for the right items in your shopping cart. If the Autoplicity coupon code is universal it will be mentioned.

Offer subject to change

Storewide Coupons:


Coupon Code: 2offap

Coupon Code: BlackFriday2012

Coupon Code: 25offshipping

Current Autoplicity coupon codes by brands:


Coupon Code: 5offbanks

Coupon Code: flowoff3f

Coupon Code: magna7

Coupon Code: smittyfour

Coupon Code: hedthreeman

Coupon Code: 5bak

Coupon Code: edge8now

Coupon Code: rigideight

Coupon Code: super5chips

Coupon Code: threeoffmon

Coupon Code: 5offspec

Coupon Code: WT10

Coupon Code: RPP4off

Coupon Code: Richmond3sale

Coupon Code: wellman5off


Autoplicity Promo Code Request

Looking for a Autoplicity Promo you've seen elsewhere or are you and a group of your friends looking to purchase at volume? If you would like to put in a promotion request you can do so by contacting our coupon code team via our contact us page.
WHOA!!!! Best price around! I ordered on a Friday night and had the items the following Tuesday! You can't beat that with a wooden spoon!!! Autoplicity HAS been bookmarked for future orders. They are the Crutchfield of auto parts!
- J.Matthews, IL
Excellent service with the actual stock on hand, shipment was made the next day and a tracking number was provided. I have tried 2 other online supply stores which don't know what they have in stock.
- R.Jacobson, MA
There's been no one on the net with better prices and discounts. They have everything I'm looking for and the free shipping only takes two days to get to me. It doesn't get any better than this!
- K. Snorslowski, GA